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Who are we?

Innovate Simplicity

At InVerted Digital, we believe every brand has a unique story. We bring it to life with a hands-on approach, understanding your goals. It’s more than campaigns; it’s crafting a narrative that resonates, forging lasting connections.

To empower brands through innovative and impactful digital solutions, foster lasting connections, and elevate their presence in the digital realm. We are committed to simplifying the complex, ensuring that every interaction with the digital landscape becomes straightforward and effective.

To be the catalyst for transformative brand experiences, shaping the future of digital engagement, and setting new standards for creativity and excellence.

  1. Deliver exceptional value by consistently exceeding client expectations.
  2. Pioneer innovative approaches that redefine industry benchmarks.
  3. Cultivate a collaborative and inspiring work culture that fuels creativity and growth.
  4. Foster sustainable relationships with clients, built on trust and mutual success.
  5. Stay at the forefront of digital trends, ensuring our strategies remain cutting-edge and effective.

Momchil Brachkov

Founder & Creative Director

Teodora Dimova

Co-Founder & Sales

Ilko Brachkov

Co-Founder & Organizational Development

At InVerted Digital, we’re passionate about shaping brand success. Our journey started with a vision to redefine digital marketing through the perfect blend of creativity and strategy. Today, we’re a dynamic team dedicated to transforming brands into unforgettable experiences.

What makes us unique is our commitment to excellence. From visually captivating websites to impactful social media campaigns and seamless events, we thrive at the intersection of innovation and results. We don’t just navigate the digital landscape; we shape it. Join us on this journey, and let’s elevate your brand together.

Illuminating Brands, Inspiring Journeys.


Don’t have an internal marketing team? Experience the ease of comprehensive marketing solutions with our end-to-end outsourcing services. We manage the entire marketing spectrum, from strategy development to execution, ensuring a seamless approach. Let us be your dedicated partner in  success.


Elevate your brand’s digital aesthetics with our expert website design services. From sleek user interfaces to seamless user experiences, we transform concepts into captivating online realities. Let your website be a true reflection of your brand’s essence.


Amplify your brand’s voice across social landscapes with our dynamic social media management. We curate compelling content, execute strategic campaigns, and foster meaningful connections. Watch your online community thrive with our tailored social strategies.

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