Harmonizing Digital Waves:
Radio Aura's Modernization Journey


About the client

Radio Aura, a student-run online radio station affiliated with the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), stands as a vibrant hub for student expression and community engagement.


The Challenge

Founded by an AUBG alum and former Radio Aura member, InVerted Digital embarked on a pro bono mission to modernize Radio Aura’s digital presence. The existing website and streaming platform were in need of a contemporary overhaul to better align with the station’s dynamic spirit and the expectations of its diverse audience.

The Solution

InVerted Digital, fueled by its founder’s connection to AUBG and Radio Aura, undertook a comprehensive redesign of the website and streaming services. The goal was to provide Radio Aura with a fresh, modern design that not only enhanced user experience but also reflected the station’s energetic and inclusive community.

The project included implementing cutting-edge design elements, optimizing streaming capabilities, and ensuring seamless navigation for listeners. Post-launch, InVerted Digital continued its commitment by providing ongoing support to Radio Aura, offering assistance whenever needed to ensure the sustained success of the digital components.


The Outcome

The modernization efforts breathed new life into Radio Aura’s online presence. The updated website and streaming services not only met the expectations of the student community but exceeded them. The fresh design resonated with the station’s diverse audience, creating a digital space that mirrored the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of the radio station.

InVerted Digital’s continued support ensures that Radio Aura thrives in the digital landscape, providing a platform for students to express themselves and connect with their peers. This success story embodies the essence of community support and the enduring impact of collaboration, where InVerted Digital, driven by a shared history with AUBG and Radio Aura, contributes to the station’s ongoing success.