Elevating Design Excellence:
MAB Studio's Digital Journey


About the client

MAB Studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a dynamic interior design studio specializing in comprehensive services, including interior design projects, architecture design, and the manufacturing of bespoke furniture. As a new sub-brand, MAB Studio emerged from an existing design powerhouse, poised to make a distinctive mark in the industry.


The Challenge

As an up-and-coming studio, MAB lacked a digital presence, with no dedicated website to showcase their expertise and portfolio. Recognizing the need to establish an online identity, MAB Studio sought a solution to seamlessly introduce themselves to a broader audience and communicate their unique design philosophy.

The Solution

InVerted Digital stepped in to create a tailored, modern website that encapsulates MAB Studio’s ethos. Crafting a visually engaging platform, we ensured that the website effectively highlighted their interior and architecture design projects, as well as their custom furniture manufacturing capabilities. The result was a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website that resonated with MAB Studio’s commitment to innovative design.


The Outcome

The launch of MAB Studio’s website marked a significant milestone in establishing their online presence, allowing them to showcase their unique design projects and capabilities. The modern and custom-designed website serves as a visual testament to MAB Studio’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of interior and architecture design.

The ongoing partnership with InVerted Digital positions MAB Studio for continued growth, ensuring their website remains a dynamic representation of their evolving portfolio. With an eye on social media expansion, MAB Studio is well-equipped to connect with a broader audience and further solidify their position as a standout interior design studio in Sofia.

This success story reflects the collaborative journey between MAB Studio and InVerted Digital, illustrating how a strategic digital presence can elevate a new brand’s visibility and impact in the competitive design landscape.